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Biomedical Science

As Thai Society is currently entering Aging Society, it is very necessary to accelerate the production of Medical Scientists who play an important role in applying various knowledge to the development of quality of life and the holistic health for the elderly and people living in the communities. However, the world today has extensive links between countries, resulting in doubling competitions. Therefore, preparing specialists who are completed with academic and research skills to develop new knowledge in Biomedical Science, English and Information Technology Proficiency, and systematic thinking is essential to produce a new generation of quality together with developing moral and ethics according to the philosophy of the Faculty of Science And Rangsit University.

Sutarnthip Ruengprapavut, Ph.D. (Head)
Tel. +668 9681 2550, +662 997 222 ext. 4875
Miss Varunya Chompupon (Coordinator)
Tel. +662 997 2222 ext. 4878

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