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Campus Life

Faculty of Science, Rangsit University commits to producing graduates in medical science and technology who are completed in academic, moral, and ethical aspects to serve the society. In this regard, this educational institute, in addition to providing academic training to the students, is also responsible for preparing the graduates to have desired qualifications. The Faculty of Science recognizes the importance of this duty to ensure the students’ well-being, happiness in their study, their physical, mental, social, and spiritual healthiness, and ensure that the students can feel warm as if they were in the same family during the study. 


Student life on campus can be full of freedom and is an important time for each student to figure themselves out and find what their life needs. They also have to learn how to live and experience with their friends through various activities, searching for their dreams and imaginations. The Faculty of Science will produce a new generation of graduates who are creative and innovative and have start-up entrepreneurship. In this regard, the Faculty also commits to encouraging students to have a teamwork skill in a diverse environment and to be a good citizen who recognizes public consciousness and is responsible to the community with the spirit of humanity.   

The holy places for the willpower

Phra Sri Sasada Mandapa is a place that represents a spiritual anchor and creates willpower and faith of all Rangsit University’s students and staffs. The students can worship and pay respect to this Mandapa to gain inspiration and encouragement in their study. In addition, Rangsit University has also enshrined the statue of Guanyin, the Buddhist bodhisattva associated with love and compassion to all living creatures, and Ganesha, the god of wisdom who is widely revered as the remover of obstacles and the deva of success. 


Other facilities


With the responsibility that the parents trust to ensure students’ well-being, Rangsit University, therefore, takes care of them as if they were our own children. Our dormitories provide the students with home-like feeling with the motto that says, “Service with kindness, Take care of students, and Develop through activities.”

Sports and Recreation

Rangsit University, as a health-promoting university, recognizes and emphasizes the importance of both physical, mental, emotional, and social health of the students. To raise awareness and encourage the students to have good health, the university provides places equipped with facilities to support their exercises and relaxations, including recreation buildings, a fitness center, swimming pools, and stadiums for various sports.   

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Music and Art

Aesthetics is beneficial to the human’s way of life in both physical and mental and is the incentive that arouses human’s positive contentment. Its various benefits include enhancing the thinking process, discipline to be a person who is gentle, optimistic, and reasonable, promotes the aesthetic experience for peaceful living, and emphasizes the importance of all things and the integration for the applications in daily life. In this regard, Suryadhep Music Sala was established based on the intention of Dr. Arthit Ourairat, President of Rangsit University, to be the starting point of the first chapter of the civilized art in the new era, both in educational innovation and performing arts. This place is best equipped with the efficiency of science and art in various fields.

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Student Health and Welfare

The Office of Health Welfare is a health service unit of Rangsit University. Patients who hold the Golden Card (the National Health Insurance) of Pathum Thani Hospital can acquire the primary service at this location. In addition to the treatment, this office is also responsible for health promotion, disease prevention, health restoration, as well as health counseling and accidental welfare for students.  

Activities to create a smart graduate

Activities are educational processes that the university provides for students with a purpose to develop the students to be perfect graduates. Through experiences from participating in various activities, the students can discover and know themselves better, have a broad vision, develop their teamwork and management skills, and, most importantly, activities can help the students improve their personality and know and understand the real meaning of “Role.” Rangsit University has several groups of clubs and activities for the students to participate upon their interest, including health promotion club, academic, professional, and social skills clubs, Art and cultures clubs, and community services club. 

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