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Applied Chemistry

Faculty of Science, Rangsit University offers a Bachelor of Science Program in Applied Chemistry to meet the students’ needs to be supported and enhanced in the academic application of Chemistry. This course will encourage the students to have manageability in research and development systematically by emphasizing experimental practicing and production process planning, designing, and controlling to achieve the efficient production processes that reduce the environmental impacts and yield product quality that meets the standard at a lower cost to increase both qualitative and cost competitiveness in the market, enhance the ability of continuous self-development, and reduce the dependent on the imported technology in the long term.      


Asst.Prof. Ornjira Aruksakulwong, Ph.D. (Head)

Tel. +668 1454 8420

Phaporn Kahintapong (Coordinator)

Tel. +662 997 2220-22 ext. 1485, 4061

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